Wriggly Rex

Wriggly Rex is a novel about the funniest Senate candidate who ever battled a strait-laced young staffer, a bare-knuckled opponent, and Old Beelzebub—all at once: an alcoholic lecher or a lecherous alcoholic, depending on his company and the time of day.

Idealistic young aide Ernst Funck thinks that electing a conservative is a dream job. But nothing could have prepared him for Rex’s string of embarrassing disasters.

When Rex holds a drunken press conference to roast his supporters and the press, Ernst realizes that he can’t win the election without controlling Rex.

Buck Cheatem, the oil millionaire who funded Rex’s campaign, wants his money back if Rex loses. Freddy farnarkler, the conservative think tanker, wants a deeper relationship (don’t ask.) The Rat Squad makes an evil appearance.

Bunny, the office manage, is an equal-opportunity destroyer—her wheelchair a battle chariot. Porky, the campaign strategist, makes Ernst a rival. Rex’s wife Blanche and his girlfriend Angel both work in the campaign, as if Ernst needed another problem.

Will Ernst pull out a win in spite of Rex? Or will he have to find that witness protection program for losing campaign staffers? Their final confrontation provides the answer.